How to gather? Acting in a Center in a City in the Heart of the Island of Eurasia

Under challenging circumstances, the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art opts for a radical format and changes its structure: the biennale will be condensed into ten days. Artistic, discursive and reflective moments will shape the space. Located in the Pavilion No.1 of VDNKh, it is here that the Moscow Biennale will evolve, as a think tank in real time.

Biennale: Sept 22 - Oct 1, 2015
Documentary exhibition project: Oct 3 - Oct 11, 2015


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22 Sep
23 Sep
24 Sep
25 Sep
26 Sep
27 Sep
28 Sep
29 Sep
30 Sep
01 Oct

Keynote - Goran Petrović Lotina

19:00 - 20:30hrs

Art historian, theorist and curator, interested in relations between art and politics, Goran Petrovic Lotina will speak about Artistic Politics of Engagement. He will tackle in this keynote the question about the role of art practice and art theory in relation to current social and political predicaments in Europe. What does it mean for art to be political, how does art embody its critical dimension and which role plays the art theory, are some of the questions to be tackled whilst reflecting on migrations and refugee crisis in Europe today.