How to gather? Acting in a Center in a City in the Heart of the Island of Eurasia

Under challenging circumstances, the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art opts for a radical format and changes its structure: the biennale will be condensed into ten days. Artistic, discursive and reflective moments will shape the space. Located in the Pavilion No.1 of VDNKh, it is here that the Moscow Biennale will evolve, as a think tank in real time.

Biennale: Sept 22 - Oct 1, 2015
Documentary exhibition project: Oct 3 - Oct 11, 2015


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22 Sep
23 Sep
24 Sep
25 Sep
26 Sep
27 Sep
28 Sep
29 Sep
30 Sep
01 Oct

Katja Novitskova

20:30 - 21:30hrs

For the first time ever, Katja Novitskova will discuss her work in Russian in an open setting. Stemming from a reflection on her works from a personal point of view, Katja and her guests from Moscow will discuss the influence of the post-soviet era on post-internet art, trying to figure out whether there is an aesthetic connection between the both.